Brand Concept Moodboard - Hotel Lola


As a native Southern Californian, it's impossible not to have an affinity for Palm Springs. So when our friends had an idea for a hotel in the area, we jumped at the opportunity. Hotel Lola is the perfect mix of desert chic with a cool California vibe. Imagining ourselves lounging by the pool here with a refreshing cocktail in hand gave us ALL THE FEELS.

Brand Mood. A take on the relaxed B&B model with the amenities of a luxury hotel, we used imagery that felt boutique yet upscale. We also wanted to keep it really clean and modern but with cheery pops of color. 

Color Palette. Naturally a flamingo pink and signature splash of grapefruit would bode well for a hip new hotel in PS. To offset the femininity of the tones, we added a deeper palm green and clean mint, playing with both the washed out hues of the area and brighter shades.

Typography. We've become obsessed with Signature Collection lately and have been waiting for just the right brand to use this, and of course Lola had all the personality to pull it off! Paired with the polished, modern Brother 1816 we've got a good mix of leisurely fun and resort casual.

Logo Inspo. Taking a cue from this modern sparkling cocktail brand, we kept the logo mark inspo polished and dynamic. Designers love working with short names, it creates some of the best work! 

Robyn Young