Brand Concept Moodboard - The Buffalo Farm


When the Buffalo Farm came to us looking for brand strategy, we were straight up giddy to work with them. A glamping style yurt and teepee B&B with a rustic Canadiana vibe!? Yes, please! This is the kind of stuff brand dreams are made of. 

Brand Mood. To pay homage to the breathtaking location, connection to local wildlife (the property has a buffalo and horse sanctuary), as well as the family's American Indian heritage, we kept the look very earthy and raw. 

Color Palette. Deep, majestic hues that call to mind the turning of the leaves, pine trees, the local well where patrons will gather their water - it's all part of the authentic off-grid experience this incredible business has to offer. 

Typography. Connecting a hip modern font like Alternate Gothic with the typewriter-esq Lekton gives the brand a balance between craftsmanship and new-age design. 

Signage. We drew inspiration from other cool general stores and breweries that fit the brand's vibe. The property will soon be adding a medieval structure micro brewery on location - the first of its kind. 

Website Direction. With such incredible, original photography and a landscape that will make you rethink your studio apartment, we wanted a template that would reach right through your laptop and pull you into their world. 

Robyn Young