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 We’ll take care of the heavy lifting. The rest is plug and play.

Once you’ve completed a strategy session to set the foundation for your brand, we’ll work with you on telling your story effectively to maximize your ROI, discover more DIE HARD fans, differentiate from those pesky competitors, and sell more product.


- 1 hour weekly calls to brainstorm on-brand, high level marketing strategies.

- Ideas for strategic partnerships, content strategy, email campaigns, social media campaigns, events, video content, pop-ups, activations, guerilla-style marketing ideas, native advertising opps, etc.

- Assistance with setting KPIs and how to measure effectiveness of a campaign.

- Support with production and referrals for management where available.

- Design assets can be included for additional cost.

*limited space available, minimum 3 month contract





In combination with Facebook ads and Google Adwords marketing, our efforts helped bring the space from 20% full capacity to 80% full capacity for their Downtown location! 

Industrious is now using the strategic partnerships we established for them for their new location in West Hollywood. 

Industrious is widely recognized by our key demographic, a contender for their competitors - namely WeWork and Cross Campus, and will be opening a third location in Century City. 



Industrious Los Angeles

In October 2016, we began working with Industrious to create brand awareness for their newest location in Los Angeles. 

We met with the leadership team and local community managers to determine their brand identity: lead customer profile, value prop, positioning/market fit, and vision for the company. 

With a clear identity in place, we determined the most effective use of our creative consulting hours would include outreach to local entrepreneur-focused groups to host their existing programs in the Industrious space, getting more foot traffic, and offering a special promotion for attendees to return and work in the space. In support of this strategy, we researched the best organizations and forwarded them on to the local team to reach out.

Our creative marketing strategy also included the use of Textiful to easily get new-to-file prospects into our client's email pipeline and content strategy for an introductory email campaign that spoke to the many value props of working out of Industrious verses other co-working spaces.