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Boost team culture and connection to support your brand performance.

Empower your team to connect their day-to-day hustle to company vision. Companies today are judged not just by their brand, but by their company culture. Now, more than ever, employees are searching for purpose in their careers. Leading organizations that are poised to attract top talent are those focused on connecting teams to the bigger picture.


Through our fully-customizable team workshops,

we work to build authentic connection that improves employee experience, company performance and talent retention. Experience our interactive L&D sessions that will help your team members tap into unique soft skills and how to leverage them to contribute to the company brand.

Example Workshops:

My Personal Brand: How to Use Your Unique Superpower to Solve Problems You’re Passionate About.





Members of the Sales Team had the unique opportunity to work on their own personal brands and how to leverage it to contribute to the larger purpose of the company.  

The team has seen an increase in internal communication and a renewed energy towards day-to-day tasks. Employees have been more forth-coming with managers as to how they want to grow within the company and which challenges they were most passionate about solving.  




In November 2018, our founder flew to Redwood City to lead a personal branding workshop for the Internal Sales Team as part of a team retreat.

Prior to the workshop, we consulted with Google’s team to determine the goals of the day: who would be in attendance, what did they want participants to walk away with, what were the KPIs for a successful workshop, and what impact were they hoping for for the team at large.

With a clear roadmap in place, our founder facilitated a 2 hour interactive workshop for 50 Google employees that challenged participants to uncover their personal brands. What energized them about the work they do, what were the problems or ‘opportunities for growth’ they were most interested in solving for the team or company, how they could be more intentional with their personal/professional development, and how to manage the perception (or reputation) by asking for feedback from their peers or mentors.

Key moments of the day included:

  • Choosing a fictional character that embodied the values they admire.

  • Pinpointing their unique ‘superpower’ and how it could be leveraged in their work.

  • Learning how other members of their team perceived them.

  • Collaborating with smaller groups to determine the team brand, superpower, and opportunities to solve problems.

  • Presenting to the larger team their findings.